Why More Trainwest Students Graduate

Choosing your training provider

It is so difficult to know which training company to choose. There are so many of us.
All  training companies are obviously going to claim they are well qualified, experienced and amazing.
The fact is that there are some fantastic, amazing trainers but unfortunately the focus may differ among training providers.

Our FOCUS is to work alongside you and help you achieve certification in your chosen course.
Trainwest pride ourselves on ensuring that if you start a course, we help you succeed.

We know what we are doing

Our team are elite, qualified and personable trainers. They continually update their knowledge and bring this to you. We collaborate on shared learning to raise our collective knowledge and bring this to our students daily.

In addition, we maintain connection with our students both past and present and you become part of our Trainwest family. You continue to enjoy learning through our blogs and newsletters well beyond your course completion.

No ‘cookie cutter’ sessions

Our students vary from those who struggle to sit in a classroom to those who thrive on books and PowerPoints. We see students from one end of the spectrum to the other. We take the time to understand your specific needs, personality and capabilities and assist you accordingly.

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