Traineeships Perth

What is a Traineeship?

Traineeships are a government-funded initiative providing an avenue for employers to train both their new and existing staff to achieve accredited qualifications while taking away the financial burden.

Trainwest’s traineeship program provide a flexible and responsive mode of learning for your employees in the workplace, so they can clearly see how the application of their new skills and knowledge is improving their capacity to fulfil their role.

Training is delivered fully or partially in the workplace and depending on the qualification can take between six months to two years to complete. Trainwest will work with you to deliver the training in an environment which promotes active learning with minimal impact to you as an employer to ensure its business as usual.

Traineeships are available for both new and existing full-time and part-time employees with benefits including the following:

  • Staff trained to your business requirements
  • Improved productivity and staff retention
  • Potential Payroll tax exemption and other financial incentives
  • Nationally recognised qualifications and competencies.

With our vast scope, experienced trainers and unmatched expertise in training, our clients receive outstanding support and results.

For more information about how your company and staff can benefit from education through a traineeship, contact Trainwest today on 1300 938 411 or email