Have you ever considered quitting your job? Many of us have, and the thing that tends to stop us is the feeling that we don’t have a good enough reason to do so. People tend to feel as if they can only quit their jobs if a better opportunity comes their way.

People don’t want to be perceived as quitters. They suffer from omission bias, a common mental heuristic that leads to a tendency towards inaction in the face of uncertainty. This means that if you’re unsure what will happen when you leave your job and uncertain whether resigning is the right decision, you will tend to stay exactly as you are, changing nothing.

However, there are many perfectly good reasons to resign from a job, beyond being offered another one with a higher pay.

If you’re considering quitting your job, you should ask yourself what advice you would give to a friend in your position. If it’s obvious from an external perspective that the position is not a good fit for you, then you should probably quit your job.

If you’re still unsure, consult our list of reasons to quit a job below.

  1.  Your company is in a decline; losing customers and failing to operate effectively. There’s no point staying on a sinking ship, you will only compromise your own reputation.
  2. Your life has changed since you begun the job. Maybe you’ve started a family or moved apartments. If your job no longer supports your lifestyle, change it.
  3. You are treated like a cog in a machine. If your co-workers and managers don’t engage with you on a personal level or express appreciation for the work you do for them, you should move somewhere with a better workplace culture. You will be happier and more motivated in a workplace where you feel valued.
  4. The corporate culture doesn’t match your values. If the way you see yourself doesn’t match the identity of the organisation, you won’t be able to function optimally and achieve your best results.
  5. There are no opportunities for you in that position in future. If there is no future for your position, you should move to somewhere else that provides you with growth opportunities and motivation through hope.
  6. You feel like you lack purpose. Your boss should not micromanage you or disregard your input. You should feel like you are working towards something in the workplace, rather than just working to advance the position of your organisation or your boss.
  7. You feel like this is the only option for you. If you are telling yourself that you couldn’t make the same amount in another job, that you’ve invested too much into your current job to move on or that your circumstances limit you in finding another job, then you are limiting yourself. These statements are true so long as you allow yourself to be a victim of them. Push yourself and allow your unique ability to take you places.

If any of these reasons sound like you and you’re feeling uninspired in your current job, don’t hesitate to move on. Why not complete one of our nationally recognised courses, to give yourself an advantage against your competitors in the job market?

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