April fool’s day may not be all fun and games if you’re not prepared for the new RTO standards taking effect this year.

On April 1st, Registered Training Organizations will need to begin complying with the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act.

So what does that mean for you?

Trainwest has picked out some important points to help you make sure you’re compliant.


1. Make sure your RTO has adequate trainers, resources, facilities, and customer support. If there are courses you are no longer offering, you may want to remove them from your scope.

2. Don’t start skimping on quality! RTOs will now be required to provide ASQA (and presumably TAC) to confirm they are complying with standards and meeting all requirements of relevant training packages.


1. Plan on submitting in-depth plans to validate your assessments. Make sure your RTO is not slacking on validation, or you won’t be compliant with the new standards.

2. When you are conducting your validation assessments, you’ll need to make sure the assessor was not directly involved with the units being validated.

Money and Admin

1. Make sure all customers are paying their fees on time. Within 30 days of assessment being completed, you’ll need to issue qualifications of attainment and all fees will need to be paid.

2. Finally some good news! To help with the above rule, you’ll now be able to start collecting $1500, as opposed to the previous limit of $1000, before customers begin their courses.

3. Make sure the pre-registration information you collect meets the more stringent standards of learner rights and obligations.

Training and Assessment

1. If you plan on delivering Certificate IV in Training and Assessment courses, you’ll need to hold either a Diploma of Vocational Education and Training, a Diploma of Training Design and Development, or a higher level qualification in adult training. You may want to contact Trainwest about their TAE50111/TAE50211 double diploma. Trainwest is one of the few RTOs to offer this comprehensive, time-saving course.

2. All trainers delivering courses resulting in a qualification are now required to hold a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, a diploma, or a higher level qualification in adult education. Lucky for you, Trainwest offers TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment courses. And with Trainwest’s reputation for quality and affordability, you know you’ll be in good hands.

3. When 2016 rolls around (and it will be here before you know it) you’ll need to make sure an independent party is performing validation and assessments of systems.

Ready to get the certifications you’re going to need this April 1st?

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