So you’ve decided you’d like to further your education, but the financial burden of these exciting opportunities is perhaps more than you planned for. What now?

If you’re looking for financial help to continue your education, you may want to start with your employer.

Many employers today offer tuition or training course assistance and reimbursement. If your employer doesn’t, there are a few ways you may be able to convince them to change their policy.

First, you should go in with a plan.

Do some research on what training courses or certifications you are interested in and which are most applicable to your line of work. Get pricing and time commitment information on these courses so when you present your idea to your boss, you can offer a full picture of the commitment you are asking them to make.

The question any boss is going to have is ‘how will this benefit the company?’

Lucky for you, there is a large amount of research supporting further education for employees. Research has found that training courses and qualifications often increase employee productivity and retention. When approaching this topic with your employer, highlight some of the specific skills you will gain from the qualification or certification you would like to earn. Show your employer how these skills can directly contribute to your role in the company and make you a better employee.

Still concerned your employer may not want to foot the bill?

You might want to look into programs through local training organisations that financially assist employers paying for their employee’s training courses. For example, Trainwest offers the Traineeship program, a government funded program designed to offer financial assistance to employers to help train new and existing staff. Benefits such as payroll tax exemptions might help convince your employer to invest in your education.

So, what’s the bottom line?

If faced with this question when presenting the idea of tuition assistance to your employer, remind them that furthering your education will not only help you, but it will help the company.

Don’t dismiss valuable certifications and qualifications simply because of the cost.

If you’re concerned about asking your employer to help with your education, arm yourself with the information above and you’re sure to present a convincing argument.

When looking for a training organisation to help you further your education, consider speaking with the local experts at Trainwest.

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