Project manager
Having a strong or weak leader strongly affects a company as a whole.

In order to solve the problem you first need to be able to recognise weak leaders.

Weak leaders are not limited to people that are timid or meek, in fact weak leaders can often be domineering and egocentric. If people are not seeking you out or wanting to be on your team, then you may be a weak leader.

Here as some of the more common behaviours that surround a weak leader:

 Your team routinely suffer from burnouts. It is always good to be driven, however you should not work your staff excessively. On occasion deadlines are cut fine and teams do need to burn the candle at both ends, rest and time to refuel should accompany this though.

– You avoid making the tough call. Instead of making a decision you side step it, this may be because you are unsure of your abilities or you need to be 100 %. You wait until the last moment and then say “we” ran out of time or “we” did not have all the information. Meanwhile your team have been flat out looking for ‘information’ that may not even exist while other work is ignored.

– You do not provide adequate direction. You gather your team and are so eager to begin a task don’t give them concrete goals to work towards.

– You belittle team members in public. If someone needs some pointers or constructive criticism do it in private, so as not to bring them down in front of everyone.

– You make commitments but do not follow through. Your team is left to pick up the slack when you move on and leave clients with hollow promises.

 You ask multiple people to work on the same task independently. This not only leaves your team feeling betrayed when they find out but also angry when they are pulled away from regular assignments.

– You don’t provide honest feedback. Whether it is performance or likelihood of promotion. This can create unrealistic expectations and leave people confused when promises are not kept.

In today’s fast-moving global economy, every decision is fraught with uncertainty.

True leaders do their homework and have the courage to act.

This is where we can help.

Trainwest is a premier registered training organisation in Perth does their homework and can offer you training courses to become a better leader.

Management training courses can help give you the foothold necessary to become a strong leader.

We currently are offering the Certificate IV Project Management Practice. This project management course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to not only manage projects and overall project out comes, it will also assist you in using project tools and a variety of methods effectively.

This course is run for new students at a cost of $1600 and return students for $1300. We also have the Construction Training Fund that can meet up to 70% of the costs and up to 80% for training delivered in regional areas.