A trend of rebellion has begun, from classrooms to boardrooms and in hierarchical settings across the globe, people are increasingly questioning their leaders’ superiority. There is a shift occurring in the expectations people have of leaders. So what exactly does it mean to be a good leader in this day and age?

Recent research is revealing humility as a dramatically more powerful and effective way of leading than enforcing superiority. The power and effectiveness of humility in the workplace has proven to offer a significant competitive advantage to leaders.

The quality of humility is the new key for leader to run productively. According to a study from the University of Washington, humble people tend to make the most effective leaders and make the best decisions for their team. Humble leaders are more likely to be high performers in both individual and team settings, according to associate professor Michael Johnson.

Unsurprisingly, researchers found that employees who rated their managers as humble reported feeling more engaged and less likely to quit. They also reported being more committed to a leader’s vision, and more trusting and receptive to their ideas.

Every leader has to follow this leadership approach to run their team and their business properly. Being a humble leader means engaging employees by listening, being transparent, aware of your limitations and appreciating co-workers strengths and contributions.

When leaders act from a strong, humble, center of gravity they are naturally perceived as more honest, trustworthy and capable. Because humility prevents excessive self-focus it also allows leaders to develop deeper perspectives in their relationships, which makes them more perceptive and capable of anticipating the future. They are not fooled by what they see on the surface, and are able to read behind the facade of individuals and whole systems.

In this way, humility is a treasure that leaders can only receive once they have taken the journey into the very heart of who they are. There’s an old saying which greatly represent this approach: A pseudo leader always leaves you with a feeling of his greatness, while an authentic leader always leaves you with a feeling of your greatness.

Don’t be a pseudo leader. In the most of cases, team issues come from to the manager. You have to question your leadership to find the solution. If you’re convinced that investing in yourself is the right thing to do, consider starting with a Trainwest training course. We will train you to implement humility into your skill set and improve your overall leadership.

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