With summer and the end of the year approaching, it is time that you began to think about how your current qualifications can be improved upon – how can you take your work to the next level for the upcoming summer and for 2016!

Australian industries as we know them are constantly evolving. This applies to all training and training courses in general. All nationally recognised qualifications within Australia change quite regularly, and these changes are designed to maintain a qualification that best suits the evolving needs of Australia’s changing industries.

Many courses may’ve been updated since the last time you completed them, even the TAE40110 the Cert IV in Training and Assessment was updated in just June of this year!
The new and updated courses often contain new material that is highly relevant for your workplace, and that shouldn’t be overlooked or forgotten about because it is ‘inconvenient’ to re-complete them.

Luckily for those who lack the time, previous units that have been completed can be counted towards the updated qualifications – saving time for those who may be lacking.

Keeping your qualifications up to date is only one side of the spectrum. If your qualifications are up to date it may be wise for you to broaden your horizons and complete other courses. This will improve your skills and allow you to achieve more at your workplace – benefiting all the stakeholders of the business you are working within and making you an even greater asset!

If you’re unsure about whether you are ready to start a new course in regards to your own personal financial situation or whether you are mentally prepared – contact us, we want to ensure that you are able to reach your full potential.

For more information on the courses that Trainwest has to offer enquire here.

This is one personal step that will improve your value, and one that you will not regret.