eLearning enables individuals to up-skill without the need to attend formal training. Trainwest has specialised in the delivery of face-to-face training since 2007 which has provided insight into when and how students like to study. Trainwest eLearning program is highly interactive, engaging and most importantly supportive.

Trainwest has dedicated Training and Assessment specialists on hand to provide you with ongoing support and guidance during the qualification. eLearning requires students to have access to a computer and internet connection.

Once students are enrolled in their desired qualification they recieve access to the Trainwest eLearning portal. All study and assessment tasks are completed within this portal. Students can communicate directly with their trainer via email and telephone.

All Trainwest qualifications listed on the website can be completed via eLearning.


Trainwest eLearning login

To login to the eLearning portal using the details provided by Trainwest click the icon below.