Corporate Loyalty Program

What is Trainwest’s Corporate Loyalty Program?

As one of Western Australia’s leading Registered Training Organisations, Trainwest has decided that it’s time to give something back to reward and celebrate our amazing clients.

So, Trainwest has designed a corporate loyalty program aimed at helping your company save money and rewarding you for your loyalty.


How does it work?

A company’s corporate loyalty status is determined by how many enrolments they have had with Trainwest since January 2015. The more enrolments, the higher the level achieved.

The level that your business reaches will determine the discounts offered to company and the cost of any future certificate IV qualifications per person.

Refer to the table below to determine the level of your organisation.

Orange$100 off advertised price< 5

E.g. When your company reaches the gold level, each certificate IV course enrolment will be only $1000.


  • Fixed prices for certificate IV training courses
  •  Qualify more employees for less
  • Save money and invest into other training courses or other areas of the business
  • Increase company productivity with more qualified employees
  • Run cost effective in-house workshops
  • Host PD days and networking events

Company Eligibility:

  • Applies to courses paid for by the organisation 
  • Applies to enrolments from the 1st of January 2015
  • Applies to the delivery of in-house metro workshops


All companies who are currently Trainwest partners will automatically become gold members.

Contact us today to learn if your business is eligible!