As the corporate landscape is constantly changing, leadership styles must adapt to get the most out of workers, while still keeping them engaged and satisfied. The traditional leadership style is slowly becoming redundant as the future begins to head towards a more collaborative approach.

Business experts are encouraging companies to start getting on board and embracing a collaborative leadership approach as traditional models of leadership simply do not work in our increasingly diverse and complex society.

Traditional leaders approach power as a singular authority. They retain ownership of information and deliver approved solutions. They adhere to certain roles and responsibilities.

Collaborative leaders, on the other hand, recognize that the power is greatest in a collective team. This thought process facilitates brainstorming and encourages the sharing of ideas and suggestions.

Click on the new infographic below from collaborative leadership expert Stacey Olsen to see how the two styles differ:


How you lead your people has a direct impact on your business model and how it functions smoothly or struggles to get along. If you aren’t already, now might be the time to adopt a different approach. A great way to stay on top of the latest management and leadership strategies is to keep your skills and knowledge up to date with the industry practices.

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