trainwest-replacement-of-taelln401aBeing successful in business doesn’t always translate to being a successful leader. A truly great leader takes into consideration the many different factors that come along with leading others and always strives to achieve company goals and lift the team up with them.

Genuine leaders should inspire and enable their team to do their best possible work. That’s a tall order, but as a leader, you must be up to the challenge. It’s a delicate balance between motivating your team and driving up productivity and being demanding and unreasonable.

While there are many different leadership styles, above all leaders must avoid being bossy if they want to get results from their employees.

After years of working in the management training industry, Trainwest has identified these seven basic ingredients which combine to form genuine leaders.

1. Integrity
The value of integrity as a fundamental management and leadership virtue is inestimable. When you say what you mean and mean what you say, people will trust you implicitly. As a leader, it’s important to raise the bar high by personally modelling a standard of truthfulness that demonstrates your values mirror your company’s mission.

2. Passion
Employees want to work with leaders who truly care about the work they’re doing. Your job is to maintain a happy work environment and continue leading your team with passion and enthusiasm.

3. Accountability
Genuine leaders need to take full responsibility for their actions, as well as the performance of those they supervise. They foster an all-for-one-and-one-for-all atmosphere that recognizes every team member’s contributions and provides a strong mutual support system.

4. Delegation
Great leaders get to know their team members and well, and by doing so, they know who does what best, and trust their employees to do the job right. Learn everyone’s particular skills so you can leverage those strengths to benefit your business, freeing yourself to focus on the vision that will take your company to the next level.

5. Communication
Leaders are visionaries, and your job is to bring your vision to life. Meet regularly and give everyone with whom you work clear instructions. Praise and reward them whenever they meet and exceed your expectations.

6. Respect
The point of being a leader is not to be at the top of the pyramid. Egotistical bosses who regard their employees as interchangeable machine cogs don’t implement positive change. Strive to be empathetic and treat your co-workers and colleagues the way you want to be treated. Value and respect them, and in turn, they will respect you.

7. Ambition
Leaders are always developing themselves and act as visionaries for their organization. By continuously striving to obtain leadership and management skills, you’ll inspire others to join you in building a great company. Leaders must lead by example, keeping their word and ensuring that everyone has the resources they need to be their best. A great way to achieve this is by enrolling yourself and your staff in leadership and management training courses so that they stay ahead of the game and ensure that they are best equipped with the latest knowledge and skills.

Great leaders are made, not born. They become extraordinary through hard work, determination and courage, along with a sprinkling of these common traits. If you’re looking to improve your leadership and management skills and get on the road to career successful contact Trainwest today!

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