Sometimes as a leader you need to mix things up a bit to get the most out of your team.

Consider implementing these 5 tips into your company and become a better leader:

1. Expand your vision.
If you had to choose, wouldn’t you rather expect too much than expect too little? A small vision of what’s possible limits you. When Daniel Burnham famously said, “Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men’s blood…,” he was pointing out that the size of the motivation is often directly proportional to the size of the undertaking. Little visions create little motivation.
It can be scary to think bigger. No leader wants to think unrealistically, but more leaders are limited by their thinking too small than by overreaching.

2. Narrow your focus.
No matter how big the vision, you can only truly concentrate on one important thing at a time. Distraction is a killer of accomplishment. The danger isn’t just in trying to do too much, but in trying to do too much at one time. Instead, focus on those activities, relationships and events that will move you most quickly to achieving your vision.

3. Improve your team.
Leaders frequently quote Proverbs: Without a vision the people perish. Less often considered is that without people the vision perishes. You will be as successful as the people who work with you. Have you surrounded yourself with the right people? Are they clear on the vision? Have you created shared focus for each team member so he or she isn’t wasting time on the insignificant?

4. Enjoy the process.
If you’re not having fun in your leadership journey, those around you probably aren’t either. There are always challenges and difficulties–and dealing with them is a big part of what leadership is about–but focusing on your strengths, opportunities and the people who matter will keep you grounded and prevent you from burning out.
Living large isn’t just about wealth and affluence, but attitude and orientation. When you live large, enjoying the people, opportunities and activities around you, you lead larger, too.

5. Increase your learning.
The wider your intellectual bandwidth, the greater your leadership potential. A great way to improve your professional standing is by investing in a management course. Trainwest is Western Australia’s premier training facility and our Certificate IV in Project Management will provide  you with the skills and knowledge to manage projects and overall project outcomes. It will assist you to use project tools and a variety of methods effectively. Our next course begins on the 10th of November so sign up now!!